Davide Fantuzzi was born into a family tradition and, as a third generation baker, he carries on the Fantuzzi name as a Maestro of his craft.

From an early age he cultivated his grandfather and father’s passion for artisan baked goods by working in the family run bakery which has been a noted local establishment since before the Second World War.

In 1959 the bakery moved to its current location, in Villa Aiola where it remains an important part of the small Italian town’s economy.

Davide has collaborated with the University of Reggio Emilia to contribute his knowledge of leavened products and the delicate science that is sourdough yeast.
He has been recognized by some of Italy’s most prestigious baking competitions for his innovation and creativity, while making a name for himself internationally as one of the country’s foremost bakers.

Davide isn’t afraid to combine flavors, textures, high quality ingredients and above all love, dedication and intense passion to experiment in a category with endless  possibilities.

Every item produced by the Panificio Fantuzzi is the result of countless hours of research, careful attention to detail, and a process that has been perfected over generations.



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